Have you found it valuable to create a personal website? I want to put something together that showcases my work, but I'm:

1. Not sure how valuable this would be in an application review. I have (some) media links referenced on LinkedIn, but not a link to everything I've worked on;

2. I want to make sure I'm utilizing my time wisely in my job search. I feel it's important for me to showcase my creative ability (in writing and in the different initiatives I can manage) but I'm honestly not sure where to start. I've never freelanced before and it seems a great next step in terms of continually developing skills/proving my skills and income.

Thoughts? Any  suggestions?

Great question.

  1. It's totally valuable.  Even if the person who's reviewing your cover letter and resume doesn't visit your site, the fact that you have one that you'd have in your cover letter sig and your resume header is going to make it seem like you have your stuff together. And if they do visit, which they will, you get a chance to talk about all your best features in a way YOU control instead of waiting for them to ask you questions only if you get an interview.
  2. A website is PERFECT for the reason you said, showcasing your creative ability.

Here's what I did:  I was like "hey, maybe I'll freelance one day."  So I went to Squarespace and built a free website.  Then I got fired.  Yep.  Fired.  And then I was like okay, time to step it up since "one day" is now TODAY.  I got a domain via Squarespace and really started filling my site up with stuff that was like my "elevator pitch" so that I could get my name out there.

Then someone asked me if I did consulting and PM training and I was like....uh...YES.  (I hadn't in a contractual capacity at that time.)  Then I made a page for that on my site. Now I added an advice column.  So it just kinda grew with time.  

And here's the really great thing - when you are figuring out what should go on your website, you're kinda crystalizing what you're going to say in an interview.  It's almost like rehearsing.  So when the time comes, whether it's a job interview or a freelance interview, it's all second nature.  

When you're designing your site and the content for it, you're simultaneously building a brand for yourself, which is the ultimate way to show you know how to build a brand for someone else through your creativity and PM capabilities.  Also, making logos is super fun.  I say go for it with a free site!!

Squarespace was great for me because the templates really meshed with how I wanted my site to look.  But Weebly is another one (that my sister uses and swears by) and there's a ton of others.  Wordpress is an especially good choice if you want to be able to say you're familiar with the platform.  Good luck!