20 years' experience wrangling all types of projects, agency + corporate experience, a natural teacher, an engaging manner that puts people right at ease.  I use humor, empathy, and intuition to connect with people and bring out their best.  Plus, I've been in some pretty crazy PM situations - dysfunctional offices, untenable project parameters, kooky clients, you name it - so I bring an extremely rounded view to the table.


Project management training

Maybe you've got a group of Project Managers who need some mentoring, or maybe you're trying to kick-start your new PM group's entrance into your workflow.  Whatever your PM training needs are, I can help.  I specialize in small-group, targeted, tailored trainings.  I listen to your needs, ask questions about your team, and come up with a strategy that can include in-person training sessions, lunch-and-learn series, train-the-trainer sessions, and phone/email/slack aftercare.



Not sure how to get a PM group started?  Need help in understanding why your PM group is ineffective, or want tips on how to increase your team's knowledge and confidence?  I can help!  I listen to your needs, ask questions about your team, and help you identify specific and actionable ways to enhance your PM team.  Hourly rates apply, or purchase a block of time to use as needed.


Process Analysis

Is your current process ineffective or inefficient?  Do you find yourself getting projects done, but knowing it could have been done in a more structured way?  Do you have trouble understanding your resourcing or tool needs?  I can help!  By performing process analyses for clients, I can pinpoint places where a process tweak could allow your teams to be more effective and efficient.  Skills gap analyses can help make sure that the people on your team have the expertise you need to keep your agency moving.  Priced by engagement, or purchase a block of time to use as needed.