20 years' experience wrangling all types of projects, agency + corporate experience, a natural teacher, an engaging manner that puts people right at ease.  I use humor, empathy, and intuition to connect with people and bring out their best.  Plus, I've been in some pretty crazy PM situations - dysfunctional offices, untenable project parameters, kooky clients, you name it - so I bring an extremely rounded view to the table.


Project management training

Maybe you've got a group of Project Managers who need some mentoring, or maybe you're trying to kick-start your new PM group's entrance into your workflow.  Whatever your PM training needs are, chances are I can help or find someone for you who can.  I specialize in small-group, targeted, tailored trainings.  I listen to your needs, ask questions about your team, and come up with a strategy that can include in-person training sessions, lunch-and-learn series, train-the-trainer sessions, and phone/email/slack aftercare.



Not sure how to get a PM group started?  Need help in understanding why your PM group is ineffective, or want tips on how to increase your team's knowledge and confidence?  I can help!  I listen to your needs, ask questions about your team, and help you identify specific and actionable ways to enhance your PM team.  Hourly rates apply, or purchase a block of time to use as needed.